MSRA-UCLA 2010年暑期实习生


MSRA-UCLA 2010年暑期实习生

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MSRA-UCLA 2010年暑期实习生(8人)
  工作地点: 北京
  Position: Full-time Intern
  Quantity: 8
  Group Overview
  In collaboration with the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) will provide a special student program this summer (Jul.5-Aug.27) to foster young talent in a cross-cultural environment. Eight U.S. students and eight Chinese students will participate as four teams in the program. Each team consists of two U.S. students and two Chinese students under the instruction of one U.S. faculty mentor and one MSRA researcher. Each team will work on a particular project sponsored by an MSRA research group. Each project will have a major mathematical component that requires good mathematical knowledge. Listed below are the projects for 2010:
   System: Scheduling and Resource Management for Cloud OS
   Wireless and Networking: Bandwidth Guarantee for Virtual Data Centers in the Hose Model
   Internet Media: Understanding the Properties of Arithmetic Graph Code from Information Theory Perspective
   Data Mining: Probabilistic Matching in Uncertain, Large Graphs
  This program provides a unique opportunity for U.S. students and Chinese students to obtain valuable real-world technical and managerial experience as well as cross-cultural and communication experience.
  Roles Responsibilities
   Work with other team members on the project assignment. Help the project manager to ensure that project is running on schedule and is meeting the specifications of the work statement.
   Accept and complete assignments given by the project manager and faculty mentor.
   Be present at all team meetings and attend program events such as Opening Day and Projects Day.
   Give unstintingly of your talents to make the project a success.
   Keep the project manager apprised of any problems, issues, and absences.
  Required Qualifications:
   Students who are Chinese citizens, and are currently junior or senior students (must has been accepted as a postgraduate student) pursuing their Bachelor`s degree in a mainland China university.
   Excellent mathematical knowledge and computer science knowledge.
   Good spoken and written English skill.
   Good communication skill and excellent teamwork spirit.
   Be proactive, passionate, and persistent in solving problems.
   Should get college advisor s permission
  Qualified applicants please fill in the application form and answer the open questions, and then send them together with a full resume in both English and Chinese

with the subject heading MSRA-UCLA IPAM Student Summer School 2010
  The deadline for application is April 10, 2010 at midnight 12:00am Beijing time. The winner list will be announced on May 14, 2010.
  Know more about this program, please visit
  Link of the application form: RelatedFileID=325 FileGuid=708fec50-5a54-43ef-a3f7-5530bd984a5c
  Link of the open questions:
  If any question, please email


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